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investing in the transformation of public safety

Investing in the Transformation of Public Safety

Funding the critical technology needs of our public safety heroes is more important than ever. In recognition of this need, federal and state governments are increasing funds to revolutionize mission critical technology including some of the best emergency…
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9 8 8 and the new first responder

9-8-8 and the New First Responder

Imagine the following scene in your mind’s eye. A concerned citizen dials 911 for a man walking down the sidewalk talking to himself, he seems angry and aggressive to the caller.  The 911 call taker processes the necessary…
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emergency medicine for the facetime generation

Emergency Medicine for the Facetime Generation

On May 14, 2018, a young biology teacher named Marcus-David Peters who was experiencing a mental health crisis lost his life in a subsequent violent encounter with the Richmond Police. In his memory, the Marcus-David Peters Act went…
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peering into the crystal ball of public safety

Peering Into the Crystal Ball of Public Safety

The public safety world is unique in many ways. Success is measured by lives saved while standard business ROI metrics are secondary. Trust is earned primarily through a track record of reliability. Employees always feel a real sense…
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doing more with less workforce management

Doing More With Less – Workforce Management

Public safety staff numbers continue to decline, creating a short staffing situation in most public safety agencies. This article examines a few of the reasons for the current short staffing situations that are affecting the overall operations of…
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