the critical role of security awareness for psaps

The Critical Role of Security Awareness for PSAPs

Public safety answering points (PSAPs) handle highly sensitive emergency caller data and provide essential 911 response coordination. This central role in public safety makes comprehensive, ongoing security awareness training critical for enabling PSAP personnel to identify and defend…
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how multimedia in 9 1 1 aids responders in de escalation

How Multimedia in 9-1-1 Aids Responders in De-Escalation

Emergency services have seen significant transformations due to our evolving technological landscape, especially with multimedia integration into 9-1-1 systems. Features such as Carbyne’s video-to-911, photo sharing, and Responder Connect have been pivotal. But how do these integrations help…
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standards and best practices

Standards & Best Practices

Providing support to a 9-1-1 center is a hefty responsibility. The 911 industry serves as a fundamental pillar of public safety, and any disruption to its functions could result in serious ramifications. As a customer success manager my…
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