Carbyne APEX featuring Emergency Call Triage helps your center

Check mark iconMitigate staffing challenges
Check mark iconReduce redundant and abandoned calls
Check mark iconFind callers in need
Check mark iconDecrease calls in queue
Check mark iconBuild community trust
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Why Emergency Call Triage?

Don’t Let Surge Periods Overwhelm Your Center

From multi-car pile-ups to 3-alarm fires, your center can quickly become overwhelmed during periods of unexpected call volume spikes. Chronic staffing shortages make this even more challenging. Leveraging artificial intelligence technology, Carbyne Emergency Call Triage makes it possible for even a small or understaffed PSAP to handle a major crisis.

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mitigate staffing challenges

Mitigate Staffing Challenges

When staffing challenges result in your center being frequently overwhelmed during call volume spikes, Emergency Call Triage helps your staff keep up with the surge.

Reduce Redundant and Abandoned Calls

When a major incident such as a multi-car pileup occurs, your center receives a deluge of redundant calls about the same event. Due to your limited resources, call answering times may be delayed, leading to more abandoned calls. Emergency Call Triage helps mitigate both redundant as well as abandoned calls.

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Find Callers in Need

When call volume spikes, your staff has to quickly go through the calls from Samaritans, bystanders, gawkers, and more to get to the people in need of assistance. Emergency Call Triage was purpose-built for this task.

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Decrease Calls in Queue

With Carbyne Emergency Call Triage deployed, you can expect fewer calls waiting in the queue, leading to a less stressful working environment while also improving your center’s call answering times.

Build Community Trust

Rather than frustrate your community with long waiting times, Carbyne APEX featuring Emergency Call Triage technology can inform Samaritans that authorities are aware of the incident.

build community trust

Carbyne Announces Emergency Call Triage

Read more about Emergency Call Triage within Carbyne APEX in the press release.

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“With 18 million visitors to New Orleans annually, we handle over 1 million calls a year, despite acute staffing challenges. Carbyne Call Triage is exactly the kind of technology OPCD needs to help us handle surge periods so we can provide the level of service our community deserves, and get the right people, to the right place, at the right time; better than anyone else in the world.”

Karl Fasold, Executive Director, Orleans Parish Communications District

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