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Orchestrate Thousands of Field Units with Confidence

What is Bridge Desk?

Bridge Desk is a common operating picture (COP) platform that helps Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs), Emergency Management Agencies (EMAs) and other organizations collect, display, and alert on real-time data from systems across the enterprise.

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Mission-Critical Decision Making

Provide key data to operators in diverse locations whether half a mile away or half a world away, from field responders to executive leadership. Bridge Desk ensures the right information reaches the right people at the right time.

Common Operating Picture

Bridge Desk uses your organization’s big data to define sentinel events, and proactively coordinates those that need to act, using algorithms tailored to your specific operating environment to provide a Common Operating Picture (COP).

identify critical incidents immediately

Identify Critical Incidents Immediately

Get alerted on mass casualty incidents, active shooter in progress, workforce safety, property protection, and other no-notice events based on historical data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) analysis of your organization’s daily operable data.

Incident Reconstruction

Bridge Desk provides tools to perform better training exercises and after-action analysis on past events. Use your most complex response operations to inform your continuous improvement processes and build highly effective, data-driven exercises to prepare for the next event.

Carbyne Experience

Carbyne’s software is battle-tested worldwide, serving hundreds of millions of citizens and handling over one hundred million calls annually. Carbyne Bridge Desk unifies all of your organizational data and other Carbyne solutions together and provides industry-leading uptime, highest tier cloud security, and custom API connections.

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“With security threats and natural disasters ever more alarming, Carbyne Bridge Desk (CBD) has become an imperative for emergency response networks. CBD provides the state of the art, AI-enabled geographic information system platform that should comprise the core of all 911 and emergency response systems.”

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General David Petraeus
US Army (Ret), Former Director of the CIA, Commander of the surge in Iraq

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“The Carbyne team helps ensure that our nation’s first responders and the operators of critical infrastructure have the tools and information they need to effectively respond to any crisis.”

secretary kirstjen nielsen

Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen
Former Secretary of Homeland Security to the U.S Government

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