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Carbyne APEX is a call handling solution that makes innovation work for you – from AI powered Call Triage, Live Audio Translation, patented live caller video, on-demand caller location, silent instant messaging, and a whole lot more.


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Cloud Native offers enhanced security, agility, and redundancy, meets industry standards, and future-proofs your center.

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Overwhelmed due to staffing challenges? Get AI-powered Emergency Call Triage to help when call volume spikes.

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Unable to effectively communicate with non-English speaking callers? With Live Audio Translation you get automatic language translation at every station.

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Not enough staff to handle both your emergency and admin lines? AI-V for Admin Lines frees up limited staff to focus on Emergency life-saving calls.

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Concerned about on-scene safety and efficiency? Responder Connect gives you situational awareness with caller video, pinpoint location, and more.

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Want to maximize your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? You need Wallboards to instantly see call queue status and seat maps, simultaneous video streams, and more.

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Losing sleep over performance concerns at your center? Get Analytics and promote data-driven decision making.

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Wondering if you can replay incidents for after-action analysis and records requests? Events History lets you deep-dive into incidents, or even export them in batch mode.

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Want to elevate your success to new heights? Invest in Premium Customer Success for direct access to subject matter experts to propel your organization forward.

Faster Call Handling Achieved



Faster Time to Begin Translation



System Availability Achieved During Deployment



Annual Lives Saved by 1 Min Response Time Improvement



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“It’s a once in a generation game changer. There is no question that we have taken the first step toward 911 in the future. This is that much of an improvement in handling 911. I think we are going to look back and say this is an important point in 911 history.”

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Karl Fasold
Executive Director, Orleans Parish Communications District

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“By doing this, obviously it improves the lives of the constituents within our COG region, but I do want to thank the Carbyne team, from start to finish, because without their support and their team, and their assets, their resources that they applied, we wouldn’t be here. So thank you!”


Marisa Quintanilla
Director, Regional Services, Rio Grande Council of Governments, Texas

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