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Rural areas are often the most difficult to service for state department transport call centers.

It’s near impossible to accurately locate and help motorists who are stranded and need help, but our new tools are changing the game in a big way.

Real Time,
Dynamic Caller Location

Universe eliminates uncertainty, speeds up dispatch time, and keeps track of callers when they’re on the move. Reduce your motorist location and response time by an average of 29 minutes from the time of the call to an on-scene response.

Over the Top Cloud Native Capabilities

The Right Roadside Assistance

Get a better understanding of the situation at hand with live video. Motorists can share a live video of their surroundings and situation (via their phone) with the DOT call center without needing to use an app. Better decisions come from better information. When your dispatchers get a live view of the vehicle and the road, they’ll be able to send the right help to the right place.

Reduce Secondary Incidents

Drastically reduce the chances of a second incident with faster removal of road-based incidents. For every one minute an incident lingers on the roadway, there’s a 2.5% chance a secondary incident will occur. Realtime location speeds up motorist location tracking and cuts down response times.

Georgia Department of Transportation Case Study

Our pilot program with the Georgia Department of Transportation netted big results for their team and their response times. Over the course of the pilot program, the average time to locate motorists plummeted from 23 minutes to just 3 minutes. Additionally, the average time to respond to the scene of a motorist incident dropped by nine minutes, from 34 to 25 minutes in total.

Georgia Department of Transportation and Carbyne

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“Universe has been successful at improving motorist locating as well as incident response times during our Georgia DOT pilot testing. We are excited in moving forward with a full, statewide rollout.”

Robert Baker
Traffic Operations Manager at Georgia Department of Transportation

“Carbyne gives our customers unprecedented access to life-saving capabilities.”

Nir Brandes
Sales Devlopment Director, Wind

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Speak to one of our Advisors.