AI-V for Admin Lines

Your AI Virtual agent for your admin line calls

AI-V for admin lines can help your center

Check mark iconAutomate incoming Admin line calls
Check mark iconMeet community expectations
Check mark iconFree up limited staff to focus on Emergency life saving calls
Check mark iconMinimize Multi-Vendor Complexities
Check mark iconAdd on to both Carbyne’s APEX and Universe solutions
ai v admin lines

Who is AI-V?

AI-Virtual Agent

AI-V is an AI-Powered virtual agent that helps your center automatically handle your admin line calls. Using natural language processing, AI-V can answer and route calls, manage basic requests, file complaints, answer commonly asked questions, and so much more.

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Give Your Community the Service They Need, When They Need It

AI-V gets your admin line callers the service they need, in a self service manner. AI-V accomplishes this by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to interact with callers, understand their requests, and direct them to the optimal solution that learns over time and continually improves. For example, informing them of scheduled road closures, filling out complaints, alternate phone numbers to call, transferring the caller to the right department, and more.

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Reserve your team for emergency calls

With AI-V attending to your 10 digit and 311 lines, you can better address industry wide staffing challenges by dedicating more of your scarce resources to handling emergency life saving calls.

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Minimize Multi-Vendor Complexities

Use a single Carbyne solution to address both your emergency and admin needs. With Carbyne, we handle all the heavy development lifting so that you get a solution that works out of the box.

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