We are the most secure and interactive cloud based communications platform for mission critical centers. Because, every person counts.

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Carbyne shifts call centers into a new world of information exchange. Our technology is built on the cloud for quick solves and fast integration, using an interface that keeps call managers top of mind.

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Through the power of one platform we enable call centers to collect and distribute the right information at the right time. Call centers who rely on live, ever changing information. We assist direct emergency response teams and enterprises that rely on real time data and collaboration for critical decisions.

Our ecosystem of applications delivers all the right tools on one platform.

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Location Updates Per Year


1.5 Minutes Live Video Shared Per Year


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APEX Customers saw 20%+ Faster Call Handling
Despite 30%+ Higher Call Volume

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“It's a once in a generation game changer. There is no question that we have taken the first step toward 911 in the future. This is that much of an improvement in handling 911. I think we are going to look back and say this is an important point in 911 history.”

Karl Fasold
Interim Executive Director Orleans Parish Communications District

“[APEX] improves the lives of the constituents within our COG region. I want to thank the Carbyne team, from Start to finish, because without their support and their team, plus their assets and resources that they applied, we wouldn't be here.”

Marisa Quintanilla
Director, Regional Services, Rio Grande Council Of Governments, Texas

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“By implementing Carbyne, we are providing our citizens with easily accessible, next generation emergency services and ultimately saving more lives.”

— Greg Whitaker, Director of Douglas County

“Carbyne gives our customers unprecedented access to life-saving capabilities.”

— Nir Brandes, Sales Devlopment Director, Wind

“We chose Carbyne because its platform enables us for the first time to have live interactive communication channels with our customers.”

— Rony Lichtenstein Shany , Deputy CEO, Ayalon Insurance

“Public Safety leadership needs valid data now, more than ever. Carbyne provides real time information for situational awareness that keeps the public safe. It is a vital tool.”

— Ed Davis, former Police Commissioner of the Boston Police
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With Carbyne, you don’t just get technology, you get a partner that stands by your side. Our support team goes above and beyond to ensure your operations are as efficient and effective as possible.

“Carbyne has excellent products that are innovative and user-friendly. They listen to their customers and provide excellent customer service and technical support.”

Amber Smith
Fayette County, GA

“The Carbyne product we currently use has been a game changer for us at the Gdot TMC in regard to locating a stalled motorist quickly who called our center for help. The support team has been on point with assisting Gdot with the use of this Carbyne product since we acquired it.”

Robert Baker
Georgia Department of Transportation

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