Incident Management & Intelligence

Take your Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) effectiveness to the next level.

Our solutions are trusted by organizations with tens of thousands of first responders – imagine what we can do for you:

Mitigate data overload leveraging information and intelligence coordination.

Address interoperability challenges, regardless of how many assets you have.

Leverage intelligent notifications to drive mission-critical decision making.

Overcome cybersecurity concerns with a platform built with the latest in Zero Trust Architecture.

“With a team of 36,000 first responders and a fleet of 9,000 ground ambulances, air medical aircraft, and fire vehicles, GMR is responding to time-critical situations at all hours of the day. We can see our response as critical incidents unfold and make informed decisions in real-time that will enhance our service delivery.”

— Ted Van Horne, Chief Operating Officer, Global Medical Response

Carbyne Bridge Desk

Orchestrate Thousands of Assets with Confidence.

Our integrated common operating picture system collects, displays, and alerts on real-time data from systems across your organization.

Single screen to unify asset tracking and mitigate data overload.

Intuitive access to location maps, live video, asset status.

Integrated situational data including weather, traffic, and more.

Customized AI-powered alerts for mass casualty events, active shooters and other critical incidents.

Tracked event management to ensure coordinated emergency response across stakeholders.

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Carbyne Video Board

Video Board is a cloud-native emergency response visualization solution offered with APEX and Universe that live streams citizen video, supporting multiple live streams, audiovisual alerts, pinpoint caller locations, and more.

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