Instantly detect languages and communicate with non-English speaking callers

How can Carbyne Translation help your center?

Carbyne leverages AI to instantly identify the caller’s spoken language and enable the call-taker to speak English which the caller hears in their native language in real time. Carbyne Translation delivers up to 70% faster time to translation (8 seconds vs. 40 seconds industry average) compared with alternative solutions.

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What benefits can you expect from Carbyne Translation?

Automatic language identification

Within seconds, Carbyne Translation automatically detects the caller’s spoken language among the supported list for immediate benefit to the call-taker. When the caller hears that language detection and translation has been initiated, this helps reassure them and improves the chances of a successful resolution to their emergency.

automatic language identification
ai powered audio language translation

AI powered audio language translation from call-taker to caller

With Carbyne Translation, the caller will be able to hear a translation of the emergency call-taker’s response in their native language, in real-time.

Visual translation for call-taker

With Carbyne Translation, APEX displays for the call-taker a real-time on-screen translation of what the caller is saying in their native language. APEX also lets the call-taker hear the caller’s original audio simultaneously for added context and critical on-scene cues, providing maximal situational awareness.

visual translation for call taker
support for text 2 911 and instant messaging

Support for Text-2-911 and Instant Messaging

With Carbyne Translation, when your center receives a Text-2-911 message in a language other than English, Carbyne automatically detects the language and translates the message to English – while allowing you to show/hide the original message.

How does Carbyne Translation Work for Voice Calls?

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