About Us

We care. Our team develops safe and reliable solutions for all types of emergencies because every person counts.

Foundation of Our Vision

Emergency communication is not keeping up with modern technology.

Why is it we have the ability to order a car with our phones, video chat with our families, and text with anyone in the world, but we’re not able to do any of those things when personal safety is on the line? Why are these tools available in our everyday lives, but not in moments of real need and urgency?

So, we did something about it. We decided to not just fix it, but to constantly improve it with ongoing updates so urgent communications never becomes stagnant again. We call it relentless innovation.

Our technology is built on the cloud for quick solves and fast integration, using an interface that keeps call managers top of mind. Through the power of one platform, we enable call centers to collect and quickly distribute information.

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Transforming emergency communication

Carbyne enables mission-critical centers to use an advanced call management platform to unify the flow of information from all channels to a single UI. This UI is tailored for a seamless flow between every channel. With our cloud platform, everything can plug in, everything can evolve, and everyone can make better decisions.

Carbyne: we serve one and millions of benefits.