Employee Benefit

Prepare your business and employees for emergencies.

Elevate employee safety with instant emergency notifications to security personnel. Benefits include:

Rapid response coordination leveraging pinpoint caller locations to swiftly address workplace emergencies.

Improved decision making with real-time insights using patented live video from employees (if configured).

Enhanced wellbeing, surpassing traditional services, demonstrating a dedication to employee health.

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Enterprise Connect

Emergency Notifications When They Matter Most.

Enterprise Connect featuring Smart API provides peace of mind and enables effective local emergency response.

Automatic notifications to security in covered areas upon a registered individual’s emergency call, enabling rapid response coordination.

If configured, share caller’s precise location and medical info for improved decision-making.

Share select information from your organization (e.g., rideshare plates, medical details) with authorities, demonstrating an enhanced duty of care.

Workplace Injuries In The U.S. Every



Victims of U.S. workplace violence each year



Adults With One or More Chronic Diseases



Annual Cost of Disabling Workplace Injuries



Find out why we have nearly 100% Customer Retention

With Carbyne, you don’t just get technology, you get a partner that stands by your side. Our support team goes above and beyond to ensure your operations are as efficient and effective as possible.

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“Our alliance with Carbyne is key in addressing today’s unprecedented security challenges by providing critical support to the corporate sector and its customers. This arrangement accelerates the digital transformation of private security in the country.”


Alberto Marquez
Allied Universal

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“As one of the largest IT service companies in Latin America, we understand the importance of bringing 911 technology to develop as a digital society. By partnering with Carbyne, we can deliver technology that will assist citizens throughout the region during everyday emergencies.”

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CEO Global Hitss

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