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Modernize your center with Patented Video, Automatic Zero Click Location, Silent Instant Messaging, and a whole lot more – coexisting over the top of your call handling system.

Why Universe?

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Get eyes on the scene with patented live caller video.

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Stop clicking around during emergencies with Zero Click Location.

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Text with your caller without requiring Text-to-911 infrastructure – with silent messaging.

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Cloud Native offers enhanced security, agility, and redundancy, meets industry standards, and future-proofs your center.

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Improve responder safety and efficiency with Responder Connect.

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Not enough staff to handle both your emergency and admin lines? AI-V for Admin Lines frees up limited staff to focus on Emergency life-saving calls.

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Visualize multiple emergencies simultaneously with Video Board.

Increase in Video-to-911 Usage Achieved



Caller Location Volume Increase



Annual Geolocations



Annual Lives Saved by 1 Min Response Time Improvement



Installation in as little as 1 day

Carbyne Universe is a cloud-native platform that supports remote deployment, so you can be up and running with the benefits of NG911 including patented live caller video, Zero Click caller location, silent instant messaging, and much more overnight – depending on your needs.

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