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What is Video Board?

Video Board is a cloud-native emergency response visualization solution that live streams citizen video, supporting multiple live streams, audiovisual alerts, recent call playback, pinpoint caller locations, and more.

Multiple Live Streams

Video Board lets you visualize multiple live video streams with audiovisual alerts showing the caller’s address and phone number so you can gain situational awareness and improve your emergency response efficiency.

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Pinpoint Caller Location

Know exactly where your callers are, even when they don’t themselves, conveniently displayed on a map next to your selected video within Video Board.

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Recent Call Video Playback

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Video Board lets you visualize not just ongoing calls, but also calls that have recently ended, because your emergency response doesn’t end when the call disconnects.

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Perimeter-less Security Architecture

Data security is built into the fabric of Video Board, with password protection and Perimeter-less Security Architecture to keep your sensitive information off-limits to hackers on the internet.

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