Responder Connect

Be on scene prior to arrival

Responder Connect can help your center

Check mark iconSpeed up emergency response
Check mark iconProvide an effortless caller experience as simple as clicking a link
Check mark iconEnhance responder safety for the field team
Check mark iconProvide field responders with first-hand situational awareness
Responder Connect house fire

What is Responder Connect?

Get eyes and ears on scene

Responder Connect gets first responders eyes and ears on scene prior to arrival. Responder Connect achieves this by helping to enable field responders like police officers, firefighters, and paramedics to listen to emergency and non-emergency calls, and see the caller’s location and video as soon as they are made available. Best of all, Responder Connect is as effortless as clicking a link. Responder Connect is an optional package alongside APEX, Universe, and ECaaS.

Responder Connect firefighter using radio while driving
Responder Connect fireman holding heavy equipment

Faster Response

Help speed up response time by reducing the time spent by dispatchers to explain the emergency situation. First responders can get access to live 9-1-1 calls, location of the emergency on a map or in your CAD, and watch a caller’s live video as soon as it is available.

Improved Safety

Help improve responder safety during emergencies by providing access to available information about the emergency situation such as the presence of weapons on scene, severity of structure fires, and more.

Responder Connect person holding knife behind back
Responder Connect policeman kneeling talking to children

Enhanced Communication

Help improve communication by facilitating first-hand information sharing, reducing potential misunderstandings introduced when verbally relaying information second-hand.

Responder Connect can help provide your center with faster, more accurate response and better coordination between dispatch and field responders.

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