Future proof your PSAP by understanding the difference between data architecture options.

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Carbyne Cloud Native

On Premises Data Center


  • High maintenance overhead
  • Limited scalability
  • Physical space & Energy costs
  • Risk of downtime

Third-party Infrastructure deployment


  • Security/compliance gaps
  • Manual management
  • Limited scalability
  • Higher costs

Fully embraces cloud capabilities


  • Strong security
  • Automated management
  • Rapid scalability
  • Cost-effective

Definition of Cloud Computing

  • Internet access to shared compute resources
  • Reduced physical hardware headaches
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Scale up or down as needed
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Born in the Cloud

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Carbyne solutions are built for the cloud from Day-1, not ported to the cloud from legacy architectures. Being inherently cloud-native, Carbyne solutions promote seamless scalability, flexibility, and integration with the latest technologies.

Better Redundancy

Carbyne cloud-native architectures are built on microservices which means you get critical component redundancy along with automatic disaster recovery at no extra cost – so you are prepared for when catastrophe strikes.

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According to CSIS.org, a government agency falls victim to a cyber attack every 3 days on average. Leverage cloud-native technology to help protect your center.

More Secure

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Carbyne cloud-native platforms are built with security at heart. They leverage modern security practices, providing better protection against threats and vulnerabilities. Carbyne also leverages Government-grade cloud systems for added peace of mind.

More Agile

Carbyne cloud-native platforms also provide greater agility, allowing rapid response to changes and faster deployment of new features and updates. This means Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) can perform with better responsiveness and efficiency.

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Future-Proof by Constantly Evolving

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Carbyne cloud-native software is continuously updated, providing your center access to our latest features and improvements, thus enhancing the value of your technology investments over time while continuously helping you serve your community better.

Meeting Critical Industry Standards

Carbyne cloud-native platforms are i3 Compliant, adhering to NENA i3 standards, enabling modernization and interoperability of emerging communications, supporting seamless integrations and advanced functionality. Products like Carbyne Universe also offer 5-Nines availability (99.999% uptime) to help your center continue saving lives despite innumerable challenges.

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“Implementing Carbyne’s APEX system is a game-changer for us. It allows for more efficient and effective communication with the public, ensuring we have the right information to respond quickly and accurately.”

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Commander Nichole Camacho,
North Miami Beach Police Department

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“The beauty of a native cloud environment is … as soon as something starts taking more resources or needing more resources, they’re provided, and everything keeps running with the same user experience.”

Karl Fasold headshot

Karl Fasold, Executive Director, Orleans Parish Communication District

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