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Control Center

Configure your system contacts, users, and groups, and access critical system logs.

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Why Control Center

Control Center is the Carbyne back-office administration platform intended to be used with Universe and APEX. It enables the administrator to make configuration changes, track activities and manage contacts, users and groups displayed in the platform. It also provides access to Events History and critical system logs.

create new users easily

Create New Users Easily

With Control Center you can create users with either Admin, Call Taker, or Wall Board roles. Admin users require Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for security purposes. Each user can be configured with their first name, last name, email, and role.

Unlimited User Management

Carbyne Control Center allows you to add as many users to your system as required. Configure permissions on a per-seat basis including incident conferencing, media playback, and more. No more worrying about storage and compute resources and unnecessarily limiting user licenses to follow system limitations.

unlimited user management
control center

Create a New Site in Seconds

Carbyne Control Center can create a new site in a matter of seconds, without having to incur the lengthy configuration timeframes of providers using older technologies.

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