Emergency Communications as a Service

Carbyne ECaaS enables leading public safety technology providers to drive new revenue streams by seamlessly integrating NG911 capabilities like rich media, translation, and geolocation into daily use applications, like CAD and Dispatch Protocols.

Why ECaaS?

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Seamless NG911. Since ECaaS is conveniently integrated into your existing tools and workflows, PSAP staff can be up and running with NG911 capabilities in no time. No more worrying about learning yet another new tool. As an extension of the Carbyne portfolio, ECaaS leverages Events History, Responder Connect, and other components of the Carbyne ecosystem.

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Same Tools, Same Workflows.
Instead of using multiple tools like one for caller location, and another for caller video, with ECaaS integrations, PSAPs can use their existing workflows and tools to capture caller video, pinpoint location, and more. ECaaS with Responder Connect functionality also enables field responders to use their preferred tools like mobile CAD for unparalleled situational awareness.

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Fast Deployment. While public safety solutions can typically take several months to deploy, Carbyne ECaaS is built on government-grade public safety architecture which can be integrated within your system with just a few lines of code and deployed quickly to your customers. ECaaS leverages the same resiliency and offers the same SLA and security as Carbyne platforms.

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New Revenue Streams. Not only does ECaaS benefit your customers, it also provides your business with fresh monetization opportunities and new recurring revenue streams so you can continue to invest in improving your platforms.

Transforming Emergency Response Together

Priority Dispatch

Priority Dispatch’s ProQA platform now offers video capabilities with Video to ProQA®, powered by Carbyne

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Tyler Technologies

Carbyne’s Video Technology is now integrated and available through Tyler Technologies’ Enterprise CAD solution.

Available Integrations

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The caller’s live video is shown on screen within a PSAP’s existing applications.

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The caller’s pinpoint location is shown as a dot on a map within a PSAP’s existing applications.

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Transcribe and translate the call right on-screen within a PSAP’s existing applications.

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Arrive on scene with full situational awareness using a PSAP’s existing applications. With Responder Connect functionality, field responders can use their familiar tools like mobile CAD for unparalleled situational awareness.

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Hear what our partners have to say

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“Streaming video to 9-1-1 centers has the potential to revolutionize emergency response when available and used properly. By providing emergency dispatchers with real-time visual information, we can help them make more informed and efficient decisions. This is a game-changing advancement that has the power to transform the way we respond to crisis situations, and I am excited to see its impact on emergency dispatch evaluation and response as it becomes widely adopted.”

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Dr, Jeff J. Clawson
Founder of IAED

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“This partnership represents a major step forward for the industry and will significantly enhance situational awareness, empowering dispatchers to make informed, real-time decisions. By providing dispatchers with access to live video feeds, this solution will significantly improve resource allocation and ensure optimal response strategies, ultimately saving lives and resources in critical situations.”

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Rusty Smith
President of Tyler Technologies’ Justice Group

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