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Enhance your command center’s efficiency and response time with Carbyne.

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What is a GSOC?

A Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) is a centralized unit that functions as the nerve center for an organization’s security operations. It is responsible for monitoring, detecting, and responding to security threats in real-time, ensuring the safety and integrity of an organization’s assets, personnel, and information. Equipped with advanced technologies and staffed by skilled security professionals, GSOCs integrate various security systems, such as surveillance cameras, access control, and intrusion detection, to provide a comprehensive security overview. By leveraging data analytics, threat intelligence, and rapid incident response capabilities, GSOCs play a crucial role in minimizing risks and mitigating potential security incidents, thus safeguarding the organization’s operational continuity and reputation.

How can Carbyne help your GSOC?

Carbyne cloud-native solutions help your GSOC act confidently from your command center, leveraging unparalleled awareness of your caller’s situation. Carbyne’s APEX Call Handling, Bridge Desk Command and Control system, your GSOC can quickly and effectively respond to situations from call handling to incident management. You can optionally add-on applications such as Translation, Enterprise Connect, and Responder Connect to help your GSOC overcome language barriers, provide two-way notifications with employees, and give your field personnel eyes and ears on scene before arrival to further enhance your response.

blue circle white check markDynamic caller location so you can see where help is needed.
blue circle white check markLive caller video to help take the guesswork out of the equation.
blue circle white check markInstant messaging to share license plate numbers, spellings of names, and more.
blue circle white check markLive audio translation to serve a diverse stakeholder community.
blue circle white check markVideo and Location sharing with field staff.
blue circle white check markPre-populated caller information
(e.g. Employee ID) at your fingertips.
blue circle white check markReal-time notifications to the caller’s designated emergency contacts.

Hallmarks of a Best in Class GSOC

A best-in-class GSOC leverages technology to take their capabilities to the next level, including:

blue circle white check markSee zoomed in views for enhanced situational awareness to promote faster decision making.
blue circle white check markGo beyond field response, and notify registered emergency contacts when needed.
blue circle white check markProvide a holistic solution to the caller by retrieving their provided information within seconds.
blue circle white check markGet eyes on the scene not just for the command center, but also for personnel responding to the caller.
blue circle white check markAbility to communicate with a wide range of callers, overcoming language barriers.
blue circle white check markEngage in multimedia communication with the caller including voice, messaging, imagery, and more.
blue circle white check markMinimize redundant questions such as asking where the caller is located.

Call handling

Carbyne APEX provides caller location, patented live caller video, silent instant messaging, live audio translation, pre-populated caller information (e.g. Employee ID), and more – delivered via a cloud-native architecture that is ISO-27001, HIPAA, and HITECH compliant to mitigate cyber-threats.

How can Carbyne Translation help GSOCs?

Carbyne leverages AI to instantly identify the caller’s spoken language and enable your GSOC to speak English which the caller hears in their native language in real time. Carbyne Translation delivers up to 70% faster time to translation (8 seconds vs. 40 seconds industry average) compared with alternative solutions.

carbyne translation help infographic

How can Responder Connect help GSOCs?

Responder Connect lets a GSOC get field personnel eyes and ears on scene prior to arrival. Responder Connect achieves this by allowing the GSOC to enable field staff to listen to calls, and see the caller’s location and video as soon as they are made available. Best of all, Responder Connect is as effortless as field staff clicking a link.

Ready to get started?

Common Operating Picture System

Bridge Desk is an integrated command and control system (Common Operating Picture, COP) that gives GSOCs 360-degree visibility including Including building cameras, asset tracking, active incidents, and more.

Carbyne bridge desk screenshot

How can Bridge Desk help GSOCs?

Bridge Desk helps GSOCs gain a common operating picture of complex incidents by providing:

blue circle white check markNotifying the caller’s designated organizational contact such as their manager or human resources business partner when a covered individual calls the GSOC.
blue circle white check markIf configured, the caller’s pinpoint location and medical information are also shared with the designated organizational contacts during the call.
blue circle white check markSelect information chosen by your organization (e.g. employee license plate number, employee medical information, and more) are presented to the GSOC to facilitate enhanced response.
customer services answering your call

Two way notifications

working talking and office team by a computer

Carbyne Enterprise Connect helps you view the caller’s pre-populated information (e.g. Employee ID) on-screen along with relevant data selected by your organization such as license plate number for services like ridesharing, and more. If configured, Enterprise Connect can also notify the caller’s designated emergency contacts of their call to your GSOC.

How can Enterprise Connect help GSOCs?

Carbyne Enterprise Connect provides GSOCs peace of mind and enables effective local field response by:

blue circle white check markZoomed in views for enhanced situational awareness so GSOCs can promote faster decision making.
blue circle white check markEnhanced communication and coordination empowering GSOCs with instant notifications via SMS, email, and phone channels.
blue circle white check markSimultaneous monitoring of multiple incoming calls to the GSOC during surge periods.
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Workflow Example

gsoc workflow example 1

Employee forgets their badge at home and calls the GSOC requesting access at the building entry door.

gsoc workflow example 2

GSOC sends employee the Carbyne Link to gain access to the caller’s location, video and other information (e.g. Employee ID).

gsoc workflow example 3

Employee clicks the link and used their selfie camera so the GSOC staff can verify their identity.

gsoc workflow example 4

GSOC staff confirm the employee’s identity and remotely unlock the door to let the employee walk in.

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