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Over the Top Cloud Native Solution

Universe is a powerful cloud-native solution that connects directly to your call centers at lightning-fast speed to bring the most advanced caller location capabilities: video to 9-1-1 (patented), verified instant chat, conferencing (including search capabilities), and more–without an app and within two clicks.

Why Universe

Universe provides real-time, dynamic caller location. Pinpoint your caller (up to 12 ft accuracy) with live movement tracking, floor indicators, altitude, and speed on road map or satellite view, with imperial / metric system support. Visualize your caller via the location pin in Street View. Get your caller’s location directly from WhatsApp with their permission. Avoid pesky password problems with Single Sign On. This means faster dispatching, accurate data gathering, and better overall response.

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Universe helps New Orleans protect its residents and tourists.
Stark County, OH 2021 Rescue Story
Carbyne - Stamford CT
Universe helps rescue injured callers in Pitkin County, Colorado.

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Changes at Scale

Universe transforms operations at scale in the blink of an eye. 911 centers with over 30,000 calls a day, insurance companies, and large corporations with millions of customers are helped by the flexibility of Universe which can be deployed overnight. Contact center managers are quickly trained at a convenient time on-site by our in-house ex-dispatchers.

Meeting your Community’s Expectations

Communities and customers expect mission-critical contact centers to have the same, if not better, abilities than commonplace ride-share or food-delivery apps. Better quality tools mean you can meet and exceed those expectations when you have the tools for higher functioning services, visibility, and collaboration that will provide better outcomes and satisfaction.

Operational Collaboration

Imagine the outcome you can have when everyone has access to the same information at the same time. Universe brings the caller, call taker, and response teams together simultaneously. Share live video and receive accurate location data between all three parties to get better results for everyone.

“What your caller can't tell you, Carbyne can provide.”

Katye Vogt
Director Fayette County 911 Communications

“You have to see it to believe it. This is game-changing.”

Joe Gaudett
Director of Emergency Communications Stamford, CT

“The time between the reporting of a medical or traumatic emergency, until receiving care, was wasted time. With Carbyne, now responses are given even while medics are on route.”

Dr. Erick Varela Cortés
Deputy Secretary of the Emergency Medical Attention System

“Universe has been successful at improving motorist locating as well as incident response times during our Georgia DOT pilot testing. We are excited in moving forward with a full, statewide rollout.”

Robert Baker
Traffic Operations Manager at Georgia Department of Transportation

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