Carbyne Launches Citizen Connect: A Data and Alerting System Designed to Enhance Emergency Response

Citizen Connect Provides PSAPs With Callers’ Chosen Medical Data While Alerting Callers’ Chosen Emergency Contacts When They Call 9-1-1

NEW YORK, May 6, 2024 Carbyne, a global leader in public safety technology, today announced Citizen Connect. This data and alerting solution helps emergency communications centers more effectively support their citizens by sharing caller-designated medical information with telecommunicators while simultaneously alerting the caller’s designated emergency contacts when they call 9-1-1. Citizen Connect is integrated into Carbyne’s call-handling solutions so that telecommunicators can see all data on one platform with a unified sign-on experience. 

Citizen Connect provides registered callers’ designated medical information and other particulars to dispatchers within their APEX or Universe call handling solutions, so all the information about the call is on the same screen, and telecommunicators can quickly make potentially life-saving decisions. Citizen Connect can also simultaneously notify the caller’s chosen emergency contacts of the 9-1-1 call along with the caller’s pinpoint location if configured. Notifications work within the jurisdiction of the participating PSAP.

“In pursuit of maximizing efficiency and minimizing training requirements, Carbyne has embraced an ‘all-in-one’ strategy,” stated Amir Elichai, CEO of Carbyne. “By consolidating onto a unified platform, we streamline feature integration and bolster system resilience. ‘Citizens Connect’ is a pivotal capability that aligns with our enduring vision of delivering optimal responses to every 9-1-1 call. Stay tuned for further developments.”

Key features of Citizen Connect include:

  • Medical Information Display: Registered callers’ medical details and other relevant caller-designated information are displayed on-screen within the Carbyne APEX or Universe call management platforms, allowing for a rapid and informed response without switching between applications.
  • Emergency Contact Notification: If chosen, the system can automatically notify the caller’s emergency contacts about the 9-1-1 call and enhancing the immediate response.
  • Enhanced Community Services: Citizen Connect, offered at no cost to the caller, allows Emergency Communications Centers to add value to their constituents.

According to the NIH, 53% of children own a smartphone by age 11. Parents can elect to register their children’s smartphones with Citizen Connect and share designated medical information with 9-1-1. They can also be notified if their child contacts 9-1-1 from that phone. It ensures that crucial, potentially life-saving information, such as food allergies or medical conditions, is immediately available to emergency services. 

Similarly, senior citizens with chronic conditions can use Citizen Connect to pre-register their medical details, reducing the need for extensive initial questions and enabling faster, more accurate emergency responses. Emergency contacts, like adult children or caregivers, can also be alerted in real-time when a call is made. 

Additionally, Citizen Connect can be an essential tool for individuals with disabilities who depend on caregivers. By pre-registering their disabilities, the 9-1-1 response teams are better informed about the nature of the emergency, ensuring appropriate and swift actions. Caregivers can receive instant notifications about emergency calls, further enhancing vulnerable groups’ safety and response effectiveness.

“The ability of Carbyne’s Citizen Connect to provide emergency contacts with notifications is truly reassuring for parents. It puts their minds at ease, knowing they can reach their children quickly during emergencies,” said Jeff Hannon, 911 Dispatch Supervisor at the Guernsey County [Ohio] Sheriff’s Office. “Additionally, this technology is a significant advancement for our disabled community members. It ensures they receive immediate confirmation when they call for help, which is crucial for their safety and peace of mind.”

The Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office now offers its community Carbyne Citizen Connect. Residents can register here to participate in the program. 

Hannon added, “Carbyne Citizen Connect allows us to enhance the services we provide our community without additional cost to them.” 

“Carbyne’s Citizen Connect transforms our operational capabilities,” said Kenny Mathews, IT Director at the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office. “By streamlining multiple processes into a single call handling platform, it not only simplifies training—with everything accessible in one place—but also maximizes our screen real estate, making it more efficient. Additionally, the system provides clear insights into user engagement, allowing us to easily see how many people have signed up and are actively using the service.”

Click here for more information about Carbyne Citizen Connect. 

About Carbyne
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