Carbyne Extends Live Video Patent to European Territories

New York – September 2022Carbyne, the leading provider of cloud-native emergency contact center solutions, announced that the patent for its proprietary solution to stream live video from a caller’s mobile device directly to an emergency call center has now extended to European territories France, Germany and Great Britain. In conjunction with this patent, Carbyne technology enables automated retrieval of the caller’s phone number from the call center telephone system. Once the number is retrieved, the call taker at the emergency center, through Carbyne’s platform, can send a text containing a video activation link to the caller. By clicking the link, the caller permits access to the mobile device camera and establishes a live video connection with the emergency contact center.

“We’re excited to receive the patent for our proprietary solution in these European territories, adding to our growing list of regions including the U.S.” said Amir Elichai, CEO of Carbyne. “Carbyne is at the forefront of serving citizens and emergency centers. The response to our technology has been tremendous across the world. Our live video streaming solution enables emergency centers around the world to save lives.”

This non-invasive solution does not require any access to the call center protocols, data, or any other platform (except the phone line). The cloud native solution can be deployed and disconnected within minutes. To protect a caller’s privacy, call centers will not have access to the caller’s camera without permission.

For first responders, the ability to connect to a live video feed from an event before they arrive on scene gives them “eyes on the scene” and increases their situational awareness and safety. Unlike a body camera that requires dedicated hardware, Carbyne provides real-time video access and feeds with no special hardware or software application download required. Additionally, Carbyne Incident Conferencing amplifies the use of live video as it enables multiple emergency centers to collaborate incidents. 

The use of live video increases safety and efficiency for the public and first responders. At a time when public safety is a growing concern, the public is demanding modern technologies and better solutions. With Carbyne, citizens can provide real time video of crimes or public safety events to the police leading to more efficient operations and ultimately saving lives. 

Learn how Carbyne’s Emergency Communications as a Service (ECaaS) can help you transform your existing platform with our patented video capabilities. 

About Carbyne

Carbyne (Headquartered in New York, NY) is a leading global provider of cloud-native mission-critical contact center solutions. Carbyne is one of the largest rich-data providers for emergency response centers, delivering over 250M data points per year all in a unified platform. Our technologies enable emergency contact centers and select enterprises to connect with callers as well as connected devices via highly secure communication channels without needing to download a consumer app. With a mission to redefine emergency collaboration and connect the dots between people, enterprises, and governments, Carbyne provides a unified cloud-native solution that provides live actionable data that can lead to more efficient and transparent operations and ultimately save lives. With Carbyne, every person counts. Learn more at

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