APEX Capabilities

Live Communications

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Carbyne APEX provides critically important interactive communication capabilities to your mission-critical contact center. These capabilities include live video, instant messaging, image sharing, real-time closed-captioning, and more. Use predefined messages to further reduce human errors during emergencies. Leave no caller behind, leveraging automatic Abandoned Call Text-Back. APEX enables callers, call-takers, and first-responders to share mission-critical information more collaboratively, leading to the right response the first time around.

Advanced Call Handling Capabilities

Advanced Mapping

Dynamic Location Capabilities

APEX provides real-time, dynamic caller location. Pinpoint your caller (up to 12 ft accuracy) with live movement tracking, location breadcrumbs, floor indicators, altitude, and speed on traffic or satellite view. This means faster dispatching, accurate data gathering, and better overall response.

Call Collaboration

Empower your call managers, and support your call takers. In Whisper Mode, a call-taker can receive support from their colleague or supervisor directly in the call, without distracting the caller. Call-takers can also seamlessly join calls originating from neighboring jurisdictions or transfer a call to a neighboring jurisdiction. Up to five participants can communicate in an APEX conference call including the caller, call-taker, and three others. When transferring calls to communicate with an internal phone extension, the caller ID displayed for the recipient can be configured between the caller’s number and the call-taker’s station number.

Call Handling Collaboration Capabilities

Leverage ongoing innovation at every communication point.


APEX seamlessly integrates with a variety of platforms. A unified call management platform enables data documentation, event management and streamlines future applications across the board without any communication interruptions in your operation or jurisdiction.

Data Management

Manage your mission-critical operations knowing that your data is stored in the Carbyne secure cloud. Your vital records including audio recordings, video, images, location history, call transcript, and more is stored in elastic cloud resources which can grow as your business needs dictate. Learn more in our Events History section.