Life at Carbyne

Our responsibility is great, and so are our people.

Job Opportunities

People at Carbyne chose us because they saw how their work would save millions of lives. We chose them because they wanted to work in a field of technology that would help people, push boundaries, and build something of real value.

We need great brains who want to collaborate with the best and can envision new ways for emergency services to be smarter, safer, and better.

We hire builders. People who want bigger possibilities for themselves, so we help them reach their professional goals with ongoing training, support, and growth opportunities.

Join us. Be part of a team bringing emergency services into the 21st century.

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Awarded ‘Best Places to Work in NYC’ 2022 and ‘Best Company for Career Growth’ 2022


  • Remote + Hybrid Work Environment
  • Health Insurance
  • 401k Matching (4% Of Your Salary)
  • Generous Meal Plan
  • Home Office Budget
  • Cell Phone & Internet Plan Reimbursement
  • Options Agreement
  • Free UDemy Courses



Our team takes everything seriously. All the time. Non-stop. No question too small, no task too big.


We understand the power of showing up, calling back, and building solutions as soon as we get a whiff that we’re needed.


Simplicity is hard because it requires more. More work, more listening, more thinking. More to be less complex and complicated. So, when we act, speak, or create new products we make sure they’re easy to understand and use.


To collaborate with our internal teams, communicate with one another, and partner with our clients, we must show our empathy, warmth, and mutual respect. It’s a big part of who we are at Carbyne.


When we consistently show our ability to listen, collaborate, build, and deliver we bring our best selves.

Tech Forward, to Keep People First

Our consistent, unyielding drive to iterate and improve is intrinsically linked to our desire to manifest real change for the people who use these tools every day.


"Our work matters and actually help save lives - this is a unique opportunity that not many companies can provide."

"The culture that has been created is nothing like I've experienced with any other company. Our company goes above and beyond with its gratitude and thoughtfulness."

"Joining Carbyne is one of the best decisions I have ever made."

"The team feels like a family and our product is making a difference. Hearing the success stories of how we saved lives week in and week out really helps."

"My leadership team brings a clear strategy with full transparency. They act as role models and inspire me every day."

"I am excited to be a part of a company that's growing so fast while doing something actually great for the world"

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