NEW YORK, May 21, 2024 Carbyne, a global leader in public safety technology, today announced enhancements to its Responder Connect feature, which allows telecommunicators to send live video feed to field responders. The latest version now includes live voice communication capabilities and seamless integration with Tyler Technologies’ Enterprise CAD system, providing efficiency and situational awareness for field responders.

Carbyne built Responder Connect to empower first responders with faster, direct access to critical incident data, significantly reducing the time it takes to arrive on scene and act effectively.  Field responders can now watch and listen to live 9-1-1 calls sent from their local emergency call handler. They will receive information from the local PSAP real-time location, as well as video and audio, so that responders are continually updated with the most recent incident details as they unfold.  The Carbyne APEX or Universe system can automatically publish live emergency call audio and video directly to field response teams through  Tyler Technologies’ Enterprise CAD system, streamlining the process from call receipt to field response.

“Responder Connect reduces the time spent on communication between the dispatcher and the field team and enhances situational awareness by transmitting live audio directly to responders,” said Alex Dizengof, Carbyne CTO. “This feature allows responders to hear background noises, providing critical insights into the environment or urgency of the event, such as the intensity of a fire or commotion in the background, even when there’s no video available. With detailed information, including the presence of weapons and the severity of situations relayed instantly, Responder Connect dramatically improves safety for police officers, firefighters, and other emergency personnel by equipping them with comprehensive knowledge to tailor their approach to each unique incident.”

“Integrating Carbyne’s Responder Connect into Tyler Technologies’ Enterprise CAD system provides a seamless transmission of real-time video and critical data directly to first responders, enhancing situational awareness, optimizing resource allocation, and ultimately saving lives,” said Andrew Hittle, president of Tyler’s Public Safety Division.  “We are thrilled to bring this cutting-edge technology to our clients and providing agencies with the tools they need to act swiftly and efficiently in critical situations.”

Click here to learn more about Carbyne’s Responder Connect solution. 

About Carbyne
Carbyne (Headquartered in New York, NY) is a leading global provider of cloud-native mission-critical contact center solutions. Carbyne is one of the largest rich-data providers for emergency response centers, delivering over 250M data points per year, all in a unified platform. Our technologies enable emergency contact centers and select enterprises to connect with callers as well as connected devices via highly secure communication channels without needing to download a consumer app. With a mission to redefine emergency collaboration and connect the dots between people, enterprises, and governments, Carbyne provides a unified cloud-native solution that provides live, actionable data that can lead to more efficient and transparent operations and ultimately save lives. With Carbyne, every person counts. Learn more at Carbyne

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