Responder Connect

Assess the situation with better visibility.

Responder Connect allows first responders to get a direct video view of the incident or event via a mobile device without an app. Provide operational visibility and preliminary support before the arrival of responders, even if the emergency call has already ended. Click here to see it in action.

Why Responder Connect

Live Video and Pinpoint Location for Field Responders

With our sharing and distribution capabilities, all responders, across jurisdictions and departments can view live caller video and/or pinpoint caller location (including speed, floor, altitude accuracy, and more). This makes for radically better collaboration and communication. This can mean more lives saved and a higher level of safety for all.

Responder Connect

Real-Time or Replay

Any video captured can be replayed in its entirety during, or after, the live call to review crucial details.

Multi-Channel Distribution

Agents can send a secure Responder Connect hyperlink to a field responder through different channels such as CAD, Whatsapp™, SMS, or email.Use password protection for an added level of security for your sensitive information.

View Live Video on Multiple Devices

Responder Connect is supported on the most popular mobile phones, tablets, and laptop browsers. Access the video with the provided link on the Responder’s device browser, with no install, app, or login procedure required. The Responder Connect link expires after a pre-configured interval for security reasons.

First Responder can take guesswork out of emergency response.
Nelson County, KY uses Carbyne
Carbyne’s video-to-911 technology is patent protected.

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