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Cloud-Native Mission-Critical Call Management


With APEX, your contact center will become more agile than ever before. Legacy technology doesn’t have flexibility, so we’ve built APEX to be a responsive solution. We’ve created a quick, pain-free integration and a simple, user-friendly one-screen interface to bring contact centers into the present and beyond. Read why New Orleans chose APEX.

APEX is fully i3 compliant and designed by communication experts according to the highest industry standards.

Unified Ecosystem

Unify the flow of audio, video, instant messages, third party applications, IoT devices, and more with Carbyne APEX. Disseminate this information in real-time from callers to call-takers to field-responders for better decisions and safer outcomes. Reduce call-waiting time, speed up incident resolution, and improve productivity with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) featuring skill-based routing, multiple call distribution methods, and auto-call-answer mode. Continue 24×7 operations from remote backup stations using VPN connectivity, with zero-dependency on your communications center infrastructure.


Carbyne APEX offers an array of customization capabilities including live closed-captioning, pre-configured language transcription, predefined messages, agent help request, recorded announcements, and more. Activate the customized features that your mission-critical operations demand, and expand your services as your needs grow.

Superior Connectivity

Carbyne APEX is failsafe to keep everyone safe. APEX is resilient to infrastructure failures and most internet outages due to the robust and secure cloud infrastructure APEX is built on. Unlike legacy on-premises technology, APEX remains online and fully functional even when your center suffers natural disasters and infrastructure issues.

Our Customers

Calls Processed Per Month


Total Call Minutes Delivered In 2022


Cost Saving Using Carbyne Vs Legacy


Total To Dispatch Reduction


APEX Customers saw 20%+ Faster Call Handling
Despite 30%+ Higher Call Volume


Carbyne - OPCD
Carbyne APEX Launch in RioCOG
Carbyne - Fayette County
Carbyne - APEX

“This is about getting the right people at the right time no matter where you are in our city. And with improved technologies, the city of New Orleans is moving in the right direction."

Latoya Cantrell
Mayor, City of New Orleans

“The staff are just absolutely in love with the system. We are immediately seeing increased location accuracy. Any point in time we may need to take calls from home, from a backup center, in a vehicle, or in our offices, today we have that capability.”

Tyrell Morris
Executive Director, Orleans Parish Communication District

“As a police officer, we respond to a lot of domestic disturbances, and so - to have the ability to have the victim go video, so we can provide that video to our courts, that assist us with the prosecution of cases, that's unheard of.”

Darrell Losoya
Chief of Police, City of Alpine, Texas

“By doing this, obviously it improves the lives of the constituents within our COG region, but I do want to thank the Carbyne team, from start to finish, because without their support and their team, and their assets, their resources that they applied, we wouldn't be here. So thank you!”

Marisa Quintanilla
Director, Regional Services, Rio Grande Council of Governments, Texas

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