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Position your company as the one that truly prioritizes the safety and well-being of your community.

Carbyne ‘Smart’ API is the only solution for businesses that want to provide their employees and customers with a direct connection to emergency call centers. With real-time caller location, live video, caller medical history, and much more, your people will feel (and be) safer and better-taken care of.

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Carbyne ‘Smart’ API designed to provide maximum safety value to companies who cares about their employee’s and customers safety. If you have a mobile App’s and/or connected devices in your organization that you would like to be communicating directly with emergency service, ‘Smart’ API is the solution for you.

This premium service is a powerful differentiator for any company when looking to attract new employee candidates and customers in competitive markets.

Puts your employees and or customers Safety first.

Reach out to discover how Carbyne can help your company and request a demo.

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Seamless Integrations

The use of Carbyne ‘Smart’ API requires no changes to the existing platforms, apps, or workflow that companies currently manage.

Carbyne ‘Smart’ API powers seamless integration to any platform and services through our gateway. Proven at scale with global companies such as Wind and Gett, Carbyne Connect can be installed and launched with minimum deployment time and zero downtime to existing platforms.

“Implementing this button in our app is part of an overall worldview that provides our users complete confidence in the use of our tools"

Itay Ezra
CEO of Wind

"Since the day we established our company, our drivers and passengers have been at the center of our operations and we continuously work to upgrade their work and services with new technologies.”

Mark Oun
CEO of Gett

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