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Emergency Communications as a Service

Add innovation to your platform without the heavy lifting 

Emergency Communications as a Service (ECaaS) by Carbyne enables partners to dramatically enhance your existing platform capabilities by adding video, voice, messaging and real time location with just a few lines of code. Applications like Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and other mission critical system can benefit from enhanced situational awareness and multi-channel communication for better incident outcomes.

Why ECaaS 

Faster time to market

Since Carbyne ECaaS is delivered to you as a cloud-native service, you don’t have to build all the infrastructure from the ground up. A few lines of code is all you need to enable Carbyne’s ECaaS capabilities. You can be up and running in days with little or no upfront cost.

Better Situational Awareness 

When it comes to emergency communications, precious seconds can mean the difference between a successful outcome and tragedy. Since Carbyne ECaaS will be part of your existing workflows, your emergency communications incidents can be handled in the most optimized manner, minimizing delays in incident management. 

Gain Market Position 

Advance your portfolio by adding Carbyne ECaaS, a cloud-native platform service, to your existing platform which adds more value for your customers. Demonstrate cost savings by eliminating expensive hardware installations and provide a seamless integration experience through any application of your choice. 


Since Carbyne ECaaS is built on top of our industry leading NG911 platform, you can rest assured that Carbyne will provide you with the latest upgrades and enhancements throughout your relationship with Carbyne. At Carbyne security is built into everything we do and our ECaaS platform is in the center of our security focus.

Carbyne - Video to 911 Patent Awarded