Live Audio Translation

Save time and money, reduce errors, and support diversity

With Live Audio Translation built into Carbyne APEX,
your emergency center will be able to

Automatically detect the caller’s language.

Display real-time, on-screen translation of the caller’s audio.

Record the translated and transcribed calls.

Support diverse communities.

Save money (up to $60,000 annually) by using automated live audio translation.

Why Live Audio Translation

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over 67 Million people in America speak a language other than English at home. Of these, 61% speak Spanish. With Live Audio Translation in Carbyne APEX, you can help support diversity in your community, so no one feels like a second-class citizen for speaking a language other than your own.

Save Time

When a caller speaks a language other than English, they are often able to understand English, but prefer speaking in their own language, especially in an emergency. Live Audio Translation within Carbyne APEX automatically detects the caller’s language within seconds and starts displaying live on-screen translations to the call-taker so they can immediately start coordinating the appropriate emergency response.

“Translation helped me understand what was going on so I could send help quickly. Nothing we have used for translation in the past has been as great as Carbyne.”

Monica Sanchez - Presidio County Sheriff’s Office
a Demo

Save Money

With over 240 Million 9-1-1 calls made annually, our nation’s 5,700+ PSAPs each handle an average of 41,000+ calls per year. Modeling statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that each PSAP can receive an average of 5,000+ Spanish language calls per year. Given that human language translation lines cost $3 per minute or more, that means the average PSAP spends upwards of $60,000 annually on human language translation services.”

Carbyne Announces Live Audio Translation

Read more about Live Audio Translation within Carbyne APEX in the press release.

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