By delivering resilient, interactive, and secure cloud native technology, Carbyne is disrupting a legacy based industry for which change is long overdue


Build the world’s leading emergency collaboration software solutions


Save lives by minimizing response times and maximizing efficiency

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We Raised a Total of $128M

“Communities across the U.S are experiencing higher levels of emergency calls related to crime, stress, and mental health. Emergency contact centers and crisis hotlines are under significant stress and need more advanced technology to effectively respond with the right resources to save lives. One of the challenges of the public safety industry is that it is mostly on premise. This can prevent it from adopting the new technologies available to other sectors, We are proud to continue supporting the Carbyne team in their mission to bring cutting edge technologies to PSAPs via the cloud”.

Lior Prosor
Founding Partner, Hanaco Ventunes

“The ability to create transparent emergency communications between citizens, emergency call centers, first responders, and state and local government entities will prove of enormous importance as it is integrated into emergency response systems and will certainly save lives and improve outcomes. What Carbyne provides will dramatically enhance communications in the moments that matter most”.

General David Petraeus
US Army (Ret), Former Director of the CIA, Commander of the surge in Iraq

“Revamping legacy infrastructure in the US. is long overdue. The technology Carbyne delivers is resilient, interactive, and secure. We are looking forward to working with Carbyne to bring this critical technology to more communities and organizations”.

Davis Roberson
Associate Vice President Strategy of Investment Cox Enterprises

“Each year, our dedicated teams help deliver high-quality care to millions of patients around the nation. In time-sensitive situations and emergencies, having real-time information disseminated from the scene to our teams of first responders while en-route will lead to enhanced decision-making and better patient outcomes. We look forward to successfully implementing the APEX technology into five communications centers and eventually taking the technology nationwide”.

Ted Van Horne
Chief Operating Officer For Global Medical Response

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Why Govtech

A Stable and Rapidly Growing Industry

Replacement of legacy public safety technology to meet citizen expectations.

Rise in crime rates throughout the US as a result of increasing economic gaps.

Adoption of i3(IP) infrastructure allowing for the deployment of advanced cloud capabilities.

Increasing Investment in integrating a fragmented ecosystem of public safety solutions.

Availability of government budgets as part of a broad $10B infrastructure investment.

New generation of public safety leaders looking to leverage the power of technology.

Long term reduction in hardware costs by shifting to cloud-based services.

Public safety agencies’ will to create a better experience for employees and retain talent.

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