Emergency Medical Services

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Covering the gaps from call to treatment.

From call to response, Carbyne’s live communication platform allows medics to provide preliminary treatment while en route, giving them a head start when every second counts.

Don’t Waste Time, Save Lives

Help your medics gain clarity before they arrive. With Carbyne, the caller can share a live video feed of the incident directly with the ambulance medics. A simple web link is all it takes to share the live video feed with your medics, no app or pre-install is required.

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Making the Right Call

Respond in the best way possible, with the most accurate view of the incident. Our layered call management platform surfaces vital information for medics and EMS dispatchers, such as call density, weather, and type of response (aerial, ground).

The Right Information at Your Fingertips

Imagine getting a huge amount of information, curated down to the most relevant and helpful to each and every incident? Our platform pulls and integrates multiple data sources (IoT devices, 3rd party apps) to deliver the right information to dispatchers and medics, helping them to gain better situational awareness and caller medical data.

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