DiDi announces integration with Carbyne to offer a faster response in a risky situation


  • With this alliance, if a user is in a risky situation, will be able to receive assistance from the authorities in real time.
  • The authorities will be able to have more information about the trip and the user, to take quick actions and provide support.

Mexico City, Jan X 2024. DiDi announces integration with Carbyne, the leading provider of cloud-native public safety communications, which as of today is available in 18 states intending to reach more to offer platform users faster response in risky situations by optimizing DiDi’s emergency button.

How does this integration work?

The trips made through DiDi are connected to the state C4 and C5, and the operation is like this:

  • The user, if he is in a risky situation, must press the emergency button within his DiDi application, which will generate a call to 911.
  • With Carbyne integration, C4 and C5 agents will have immediate access to user information*, such as:
    • Name, telephone, and type of user (if you are a passenger or driver)
    • Car information: color, make, and license plate.
    • Trip information: geolocation, path, or if the car is on an active trip through DiDi.

Thus, with this additional information, in which communication can be maintained without alerting the other party, agents can take quick, accurate, and informed actions and know which emergency services to send to support the user.

As part of its first phase, the integration with Carbyne is available in 18 states in the country, including Baja California, State of Mexico, Jalisco, Nuevo León, Querétaro, Yucatán, among others. It is planned to incorporate all states where Carbyne is available. 

“At DiDi, 99.9% of trips end without major incidents, however, safety is a priority, which is why we will continue working to create synergy with the authorities and other companies, such as Carbyne, to provide immediate attention in risk situations, today we are the mobility app that has this integration in 18 states of the country, adding it to our safety ecosystem” comments Pablo Lamuraglia, Director of Security for DiDi in Latin America.

“Our partnership with DiDi in Mexico represents a significant milestone in our extensive work in the country and our commitment to the Mexicans,” said Amir Elichai, Carbyne CEO.  “By integrating Carbyne’s advanced emergency communication technology with DiDi’s expansive transportation network, we’re creating a powerful platform that connects people in distress with the help they need swiftly and efficiently.”

This integration is achieved thanks to the cooperation between DiDi, Carbyne and state authorities committed to security, reinforcing DiDi’s collaboration with the authorities.

*DiDi complies with the applicable regulations on privacy and protection of personal data, so it will only share the user’s information in an emergency after clicking the Emergency Button within the application.