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Emergency Notifications When they Matter Most

What is Carbyne Connect

Carbyne Connect featuring Smart API provides peace of mind and enables effective local emergency response as follows:

  1. Notifies the security (or other) personnel from your organization when a covered individual makes an emergency call.
  2. If configured, the caller’s pinpoint location and medical information are also shared during the emergency call.
  3. Select information chosen by your organization (e.g. driver’s license plate number for rideshare services, employee medical information, and more) can be shared with authorities to facilitate emergency response.


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Service Coverage

Carbyne Connect featuring Smart API is currently available in Latin America and major U.S. cities

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Notify Security Personnel

When a covered individual experiences an emergency either while traveling or on your premises, Carbyne Connect notifies your security or other designated personnel so they can deliver the fastest possible response, thus improving safety.

Medical and Additional

Carbyne Connect featuring Smart API instantly informs authorities of the caller’s medical information, as well as additional data supplied by your organization, helping to take the guesswork out of emergency response.

Easy to Deploy

Carbyne Connect is a secure cloud-native solution, making its one-time setup effortless. Add our standard form to your website, and signup is as easy as 1-2-3: Signup online, Enter Emergency Contacts, and Approve Sharing Permissions – that’s it! Best of all, there is no dedicated smartphone app download required.


“Bosch Service Solutions is committed to providing digitalized mobility services that enhance safety, security and convenience in and outside of vehicles. This partnership with Carbyne will allow us to offer an integrated eCall solution that ensures our customers receive the best possible emergency response experience.”

Stefan Gross
Head of Mobility Services, Bosch Service Solutions

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