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Collaboration and Sharing can go further.

Carbyne collects additional network location data and information from third-party integrations, including i3 ESInet ADR data. The call information is safely collected from any IoT provider in the event of an accident, crime, or another emergency event, as elaborated in our Use Cases below.
This application data is concisely displayed in the Call Center APEX interface so it can be actioned quickly. In addition, all the event data is saved in the Carbyne Control Center Events History for after-action analysis.

IoT Data

IoT data from security cameras, CCTV, drones, and other devices can provide agents with even more contextual information so first responders can locate and identify a caller or property in the event of a fire, attack, crime, or another emergency.

Video Streaming

Live video can be invaluable to quickly identify and assess an event. Carbyne integrates live video in its solution, from mobile devices or CCTV, in addition to allowing agents to take snapshots during the live video play.

IP and RS232

Carbyne supports both legacy and NG9-1-1 networks to maintain maximum operability for the center of your communication:

  • The CAMA (Centralized Automated Message Accounting) network sends call data from automatic location identification (ALI) databases through the serial RS232 standard.
  • An IP (Internet Protocol) Network uses the ESInet to relay, route, and share calls, network location data and other data instantaneously and across multiple agencies.



Use Cases

3rd party apps

Rideshare data can provide agents with key information to assist first responders to locate, identify and assist a caller or vehicle in the event of a road accident, crime, or medical emergency. Carbyne surfaces information like rider or driver picture and name, vehicle license plates, and emergency contacts.

Ride share data presentation in APEX
Drones data presentation in APEX


Location, video and image data from drones can provide agents with more context and information to help first responders locate and identify a caller or property in the event of a fire, attack, crime, or another emergency.

Gunshot Detection

Gunfire data from shot detection capabilities can be integrated into Carbyne to gain insights into gunfire locations. Your team will receive instant reports of gunfire, and track their location on our maps alongside 911 caller locations. Your team will be able to respond to gunfire events immediately, even if they are not reported.

Gun fire detection presentation in APEX