Events History

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Keep a close eye on the past and be covered for the future.

Why Events History

The Events History captures all ongoing and recent calls on the platform, including video, imagery, location, and call transcripts. An industry first, it gathers all of the components of call management data into a single UI on a unified platform.
Further, it’s a trusted, centralized source for evidentiary purposes, data sharing between agencies and more.

Flexible Data Management

Events History leverages elastic storage technology so that you can rest assured that you can license as much storage as your mission-critical needs dictate.

Historical Heat Maps

Heat Map Visualization

Gain a clearer view, fast. Display ongoing and recent events in a table view or directly on a map for a graphical map view. The collected data is automatically translated and distributed directly into heat maps. These maps can go further, with category filtering to instantly gain operational insight.

Rich Data Export

Quickly and safely share individual event reports with stakeholders for internal and external investigations. Batch export up to 50,000 events at a time. Exported reports can also limit select approved information for release to media channels.

Rich Data Export
Search and Filter

Search and Filter

Bring modern-day search engine capabilities to mission-critical data management. Events History includes an advanced search function so mission-critical centers can find events by keywords, filter by dates, profile, type of communication (video or chat), date, or location.

Advanced visual insights

With Events history decision makers can quickly understand city trends. See your data in a simple and easy to analyzed mapping system customized to address your needs.

Events on map view