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Automate roles and responsibilities with Carbyne’s tailor-made live analytics and interactive tools.

Why Analytics 

Administrators and supervisors can see an overview of their call centers from their desktop station, and on their mobile devices for maximum flexibility.

Save Resources, Save Time, Operate Efficiently

Call sentiment analysis

With Carbyne Analytics, you have access to the information you need to drive data-driven decision making. Analyze PSAP performance by call volume, answer time statistics, abandoned calls, call transfers, and agent productivity. Now your team can quickly shift resources to where they are most needed.

Find Out the Real Story

Carbyne Analytics enables contact centers to easily examine every part of the call so you can gain an accurate view of how efficiently your team is running. With us, you’ll be able to see the length of time it takes the team to answer a call, an overall call comparison, individual efficiency parameters, and more.

Carbyne Analytics