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Carbyne’s platform connects auto insurance companies and their customers remotely, increasing customer satisfaction, reducing operational costs, and minimizing potential fraud – all without the need to download an app.

Our technology improves the FNOL process by ensuring complete data is collected quickly and accurately.

Proven Impact

Reduction in processing times


Reduction in fraud


Increase in claimant satisfaction


Reduction in cost of handling claims

Carbyne Apex

Improve and Simplify the FNOL Process

Using live video and images, capture the details of the insured party and damaged vehicle to instantly assess the claim. Our solution does not require the user to download an app and allows your claims managers to collect all data pertinent to the incident in one remote session.

Reduce Insurance Fraud

The longer it takes to resolve a claim, the more like it is for fraud to be involved. In the US, an estimated $7.7B of auto insurance revenue is lost annually due to fraud. By guiding the customer remotely, and capturing everything on video, auto insurance companies reduce fraud by discouraging bad actors from adding “prior” damages to the claim. Our solutions significantly reduce FNOL processing times.

Events History

Automatically Generate Accident Reports

Carbyne’s Events History is a unified data management platform that automatically captures and standardizes all information from the incident – including imagery, text, audio, and data – into a single PDF. These reports can be easily filtered and shared with courts and third party insurance providers with the click of a button. This data can also be integrated with your CRM.

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