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Resolve your calls at lightning speed and great customer satisfaction. Carbyne Universe & APEX enables enterprise contact centers to have a direct, rich media-led conversation with their callers leveraging military-grade security and data privacy.

Carbyne offers several unique new features for enterprise contact centers with data collaboration capabilities that other solutions can’t provide.


Who We Serve

Whether you have an existing  contact center or you are shopping for one, we are here to partner with you. Explore a new level of security, resiliency and data privacy along side with best in class customer experience and data collaboration.

We Serve:

  1. Insurance Carriers benefit by instant first notice of loss (FNOL) or expediting the claiming processes.
  2. Corporate and Private Security Companies who need better communication tools with employees worldwide.
  3. Monitoring Centers for better voice and IOT integration.

and much more!

Creating a Live Collaboration

Real-time location, live video, medical history, and more are easily shared, without the use of an app, between your employees/users and your call center team.

70% Reduction in Call Processing Times

When both parties can see the same thing, claims get squared away much faster. Our pilot partners reduced lengthy work processes for claims by 70% when they utilized live view sharing of damaged vehicles, broken in homes, and other scenes.

The Power of Insight Automation

Radically minimize your evidentiary documentation process from 48 hours to 10 minutes. With Carbyne your team can immediately access the relevant information they need for each case and collaborate across teams as needed with it. Beginning with a custom questionnaire, call managers can quickly go through your predetermined questions, collect customer responses, share them internally, and make final decisions on cases. Auto-generated insights and collected documentation mean cross-department collaboration happens without any snags or hiccups.

The Right Data
at the Right Time

When your team has the ability to unify all of the essential claim processing documents into a single platform and distribute information outward, external companies and internal teams can exchange information easily. Additionally, automated notifications can be delivered directly from 911 to relevant agencies at the moment an accident is reported ensuring that the appropriate response is sent.

Bring your entire team together and get them working in tandem for faster and better outcomes. Reach out for a demo.

Customer Testimonials

“Carbyne's platform enables us to optimize our resources by knowing which technicians and how many should we send for every call.”

Eyal Goren
CEO at Blue

“The use of live video, chat, and caller location enables us to respond more efficiently to claims by customers.”

Rony Lichtenstein Shany
Deputy CEO at Ayalon Insurance

“With Carbyne, we can manage the unexpected.”

Roi Ben Yehud
Chief Business Development Officer at Team 3

“Carbyne gives our customers unprecedented access to life-saving capabilities.”

Nir Brandes
Sales Devlopment Director, Wind

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