Wall Board

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Set your call takers up for real success and intelligently utilize their time.

Why Wall Board

Wall Board delivers a live digital display of your contact center’s activity, including the density of calls by category, in order for contact center managers to automate roles and shift resources in real-time.

Live Insights

Carbyne Wall Board Seat Map

See what’s happening in your contact center and respond with the data you need to make better resourcing decisions.
Real-time monitoring of the contact center metrics includes:
Queue Status: Metrics for waiting calls, including the call with the longest wait duration. Color and sound alerts notify contact center managers when KPI thresholds are reached.
Agent Status: The number of call takers available to answer calls, currently handling a call, taking a break, or other supported status options.
Seat Map: A visual display of the physical stations positioned on the contact center floor, with a live indicator of the current agent/station status, including if the agent requires assistance.

Instant Support

Set everyone up for success and help your call takers get the support they need, when they need it, with Agent Status. Agent Status indicates when assistance is needed at a station, either because the agent manually submitted a request, or automatically in the event of a network issue.

Carbyne Wall Board Agent Status

Reduce Answering Time

Reduce Answering Time

Carbyne Wall Board speeds up your call queues and empowers your team to improve their Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) such as call answer times.